Flickr deletes user accounts without warning

Recently I posted on my other blog, about Flickr’s draconian booting out of members who transgress.

Mhambi would like to register his displeasure. His favorite Flickr members Tetheredtothesun have disappeared, including hundreds of gorgeous (and titillating) photos and all from Flickr. But Mhambi expects he knows what happened. See Flickr is owned by Yahoo!

Now Rose and Olive certainly did not get the boot because their pictures were too risque. Nope, there are many pictures on Flickr far more revealing and with less artistic merit, than these two delicious gals’ pics.

Nope, one suspects that some manager (with an MBA no doubt) read on their flickr pages that Olive and Rose were starting a paid for site at Nerve, thus soliciting business to a rival! How can they! The outrage!!

Now only an old style manager with no conception of how new media works would try and keep his audience from wondering to other websites, and destroy good content and allot of good will to boot. Yahoo! will always play catch-up while their new media savvy staff have to play second fiddle too a bunch of managers that still don’t get the net.

My speculation proved correct, when Rose answered my email:

Good morning, Mhambi. Yes, flickr deleted us without even a moment’s notice, throwing away everything we’d posted, including the writing, which went unsaved unfortunately. But when the pieces fall apart, you put them back together in a new way, a stronger way, a more interesting way hopefully.

How could Flickr not warn their users before deleting content? This is no way to treat the all powerful web users without whom Flickr would be a hollow shell.


One response to “Flickr deletes user accounts without warning

  1. Flickr has done the same to me twice now in the last weeks. deleted all content and fotos. luckily i have backups and this was a page for a specific reason i created.
    is no longer active! no reply! no reason! just pooof gone!
    is still up and running but considering removing all my content

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