About me

My name is Wessel van Rensburg and I work as a Senior digital producer/ Strategy consultant.

As an experienced multi-media specialist, I have conceptualised and managed large web sites and other digital projects (including mobile).

I have in depth new media market knowledge, understand user behaviour and importantly I also understand technology and how it enables and constrains web design options. On top of this I have legal, marketing and commercial know how and excellent people skills.

I do two kinds of work:

  • Planning and managing the build and commercialisation of new websites (Producing and/ or Product management); or
  • Strategy work (Including determining: Your organisations needs; Your user’s needs; Use cases; and Usability.)

I have worked or consulted for amongst others: The World Economic Forum, Rhythm New Media, the BBC, Lycos Europe, eCountries.com, The IPPR and helped set up two ventures.

If you would like to contact me, mail me at wildebees*@*gmail.com, removing the * from the address.

I make documentaries in my spare time.


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